Hi again everyone!

I have again read Shauna Vella's blog where she asks:

When you started Second Life, where was the first place you went?
I don't mean where Linden Lab put you, but the first place you actually chose to go on your own?
Where was it, and how did you get to it? What was it like, and did you stay there?

and like last time i figured i wanted to give my answer ;-)

I think as i remember the first place i whent with my real life friend who got me to join 

second life ,we whent to Copenhagen Denmark and explored there, my friend Rasmus 
didnt hangout in the game too long because i don't think he is as good to english like me. 
I then saw the news channel in the television and saw they interviewed a danish girl who 
used it too Imagoel Best, so i think i searched or maybe talked with her what she was doing
 there, she owned a sim where there was shops, and those dance pads where you could earn 
lindens ( yes i did that) lol ,  she also had a club that was called DNK ( Danish Night Club ) 
it was here i got my first job as a dancer, even tho i i wasent good at it. I also whent to two 
other clubs that was full of danish people i talked with but i dont remember the names of t
he places. Here is a picture of me from back then, i am the one to the right haha.

Sat 28 Apr 2007 16:41:31

Me and someone called Finkel who also was co-owner i think at DNK.
Sat 28 Apr 2007 17:55:26

Then second life died a bit for me because Imagoel closed her sim, but she later on opened 
a new one where i meet my first sl partner and my sl uncle who i am still friends with today.
The club was called Sexolicious and i worked there too as a dancer. 
I think it was also here i meet Brain?? 

Mon 05 Jul 2010 12:40:34

I am glad i meet Shawshank it's because of him i know Babette Upshaw :)

I been going many other places too, Like Sinners n saints nightclub owned by Georgia Beorn, 
DP Rock Club and now its my own sim Oasis Escape Beach , The Hangout, Muskers, and Zorros!


Has Second Life Helped You?

Hi Everybody!

I read Shauna Vella blog today with the title "Has Second Life helped you" 
and wanted to give my answer too. So here we go:

Question: Many people claim Second Life has been beneficial 
to their mental and emotional well being. Has it helped you?

My answer: Yes it has in many ways, like i started to use second life,
because i have always enjoyed english, but im danish so we don't talk
or write english so often so thats a reason i joined SL to keep my english.

I also i guess as many others used sl for while to escape real life 
when things was bad , we all got problems in real life right? ;)
- a down side here has been i couldnt escape from second life i 
used soo much time that people in my real life complained about it, 
so then i learned to take time out from the game and knew my 
friends inworld was always there when i came back online.

another downside with second life can be as Shauna also writes about
if you go negative places or surround yourself with negative people,
it will effect your mood as well in real life. 

So be with people , or  at places in second life that makes you happy,
and remember second life is just a game if your friends inworld 
is true friends they will be there when you log back on 
so dont run away from real life.

I myself only go to places to hangout with my friends i hope to meet
real life one day, im even going meet my second life partner this year!

I use second life to meet people from all over the world and to learn things
from them. I opened my "ears" for music i dont think i would ever have 
listned too if it havent been for second life.

I guess i could go on and on with this lmao ! Anyways 
thanks for the question Shauna i had to answer!

Last year i did a Second Life made me learn challange, 
if you want to read it just go HERE

Hugs and love wulla x