Dance in Second Life Challenge

This week’s Monday Meme is going to be a photo and/or video challenge. 

I used Camtasia to capture this video.

Artist is H.E.A.T with song: In and Out of Troubles.

Meme Instructions: Share a photo and/or video of your avatar dancing in Second Life. Also answer
the following questions and share your favorite dances and animation stores with us. Don’t forget to
leave a link to your post in the comments and share your pictures in the Blog Memes Flickr Group.

  1. Which dance are you sharing in the image/video and where is it from?
    Its called VAMIMI153 and from VISTA ANIMATIONS 
  2. Which is your favorite dance in Second Life?
    I like slow dances so its the one from my video atm.
    But i also like most of the HUMANOID Dances.
  3. What are your favorite dance animation stores in Second Life? –
    Sinewave, Animazoo, Vista Animations, MyAnimation and Humanoid.
  4. Are you a frequent dancer in Second Life?
    Sometimes i like to go clubbing,  most my friends and family is djs and such.
  5. Are you a frequent dancer in the real world?
    Me dance rl? hahaha! lol.
Places i like to go  Dance in SL:

The HangOut @ Butler's Wharf
REZ Nightclub and Mall
Zorro's Tavern
IYC - International Yiff Center

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