:.Envious.: Panda Hunt

:.Envious.:  10 L$ Panda Hunt

Find the 30th Panda's and claim these nice outfits.

Tock me around 30 mins to find the 30th hidden pandas at the Envious MainStore at simstyle.
Miss. SayaNicole Cuttita have been doing good job hiding these cute little panda's.


Dj wulla


      Wulla is also a Second Life™ Dj
      She is currently working :
     → ♫ ᴅᴊ ᴀɴᴅ ʜᴏsᴛ ᴀᴛ ᴍᴏᴍᴏs sᴜʀғ ᴄʟᴜʙ .
      → ᴏwɴᴇʀ ᴏғ ᴏᴀsɪs ᴇscᴀᴘᴇ ʙᴇᴀcʜ  & ᴄʟᴜʙ .

      She plays Rock & Classic Rock
      sometimes with top 40 in the mix :)

       Feel free to IM me inworld if you wish
       to have me as a Dj at your venue.

About Wulla

wulla Zabelin has been a resident since 2/27/2007 in the virtual second life™ world.

◣◥◣◥  .M A D E   I N  DENMARK . ◣◥◣◥

Name: wulla Zabelin  
Age: 31 ( B-day is 20.02.1986 )
From: Jutland, Denmark
Status: Taken by Flynn ❤ 
Occupation:  Inclementia Owner
Voice verfied: Yes
Stalker verfied: Yes 

Music i love: Volbeat, Shinedown, Sixx:am, 
No Resolve, Smash into pieces, Five finger 
death punch, Theory of a deadman, Nightwish, 
Within Temptation, Aerosmith, AD/DC, Queen, 
Guns n' roses

Tv Series: Riverdale, The 100  & Stranger Things.

Places i like to go clubbing in SL : The Hangout, 
Zorros Taveren, Inclementia, SOR, Cruz Control. 

Things i like to do in SL: Hangout with friends & family, 
clubbing, shopping, have fun and be silly.

Prices & rates

Personal photography packages and rates

Single portrait @ L$250 per photo
Full body portrait @ L$500 per photo
Couples portrait @ L$600 per Photo
Group portraits (upto 10 Avatars ) @ L$1000 per Photo

Commercial photography package and rates

Advertisements 250×250 size

Vendor & Advertisement images @ L$1000 per photo
Rotation Advertisement images @ L$1.500 per photo
Club Logo images @ L$1000 per photo
Club Logo Advertisements @ L$500 images per photo

I also build websites in Joomla so if you looking for
someone to make you a website for your club ect ect. 
Contact me inworld for a price.

I made this fan website for a danish singer: http://www.brinckfansite.dk/


Guilty Confessions Meme

So yeah i used this blog when i did classic with style and will now use it as my own fashion 
wardrobe blogging. I can't help myself look some those other amazing sl bloggers, one my 
favorite i found via facebook is Strawberry Singh, i looked her blog this Monday where she 
did a My SL Guilty Confessions Meme, so figured i try that too - i have lots confessions!!! x3

1. Socially Awkward 

Sometimes i over-analyzing how people think about me, i still work on find ways to build my
confidence as well in SL as in RL. Socially Awkward is a thing i struggle with because of my 
low self-confidence RL, it sometimes effects my SL, not really with how i look in SL but my 
actions sometimes , because of my typonese, im a danish person so english isent my first 
language and that gets me in trouble sometimes. My closest friends i been having for many 
years in SL now has over seen this and that makes them my best friends for being there in 
no matter what i do or what i say - because they know me :)

2. Stalking

I'm known for being a stalker, that comes from stalking my SL dad who no longer is
using his SL and missing him horriable. He was a DJ in SL "Robert Hailey" 
a aussie DJ i stayed up many nights for him and became his "Stalker Daughter"  lol.
My sl life has been a bit bored since he left, i have my partner that i love, and found 
new DJ to stalk his name is Dj Noah ( Tobi Lekira ) from Ambrosia and Rez Nightclubs.
Also my mom Babette Upshaw helped me in my newbie days on how to stalk and perv =D

When i'm online on SL i spend a lot of profile perving so yeah i might know YOU already :P


I know many Drama people, i whont say im one of the drama makers.
I had a lot of drama when i runned my club full time ~CLUB IDK~ but
since im running it for fun now i been able have over a year on SL 
without any drama... can you beat that? :P

4. Shopping

I loove shopping, but im also picky... I dont want junk outfits, and i normally 
stay away from growns, mesh dresses and prim skirts they are never good. 

5. My Inventory

My inventory is on 23.100 ithems, i try get rid of old stuff when i have time.
Its a mess after i have been shopping , i try to keep everything in folders so
i can find them easy , i sometimes save my outfits so i can easy change :)

Thats my blog meme for now. Hope you enjoyed reading it :)

Meme instructions: Share 1 to 10 of your top second life guilty confessions. 
Remember to leave your link in this meme’s post so others can come by and read your answers as well!


Look #1

★ Avatar: Curious Chinchilla - White                                               | By: Curious Inc.
★ Mod : Maine Coon Mod - Gray                                                        | By: Puppy
★ Tail : Bunny Tail                                                                                     | By: Notakii Snowpaw
★ Ears: Colorful Ear - Natural                                                              | By:   . :   C H I M E R A   : . 
★ Hair :  TRUTH Rayne -  black & whites                                          | By: Truth Hair
★ Jacket: .:LoLa Streetgirl:. open jacket Black                               | By: LoLa Creations
★ Top : *Base13* BuRLeSqUe BiSh~PiNk  Shirt Layer                     | By: *Base13*
★ Bra: *Base13* BuRLeSqUe BiSh~PiNk Undershirt                          | By: *Base13*
★ Pants : 20.FIVE Mesh Capri Sweat Pants                                          | By:  Ducknipple
★ DigiLegs : ST 2011 Pawsocks                                                            | By: Smalltime
★ Jewelry: *LC* E (C!) K - Symphony Necklace                                  | By: .:: LacieCakes ::.
★ Tattoo: .:cheeky:. My B**ch Tattoo                                                 | By: .:cheeky:.